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Stained Glass Panel Workshops

So today I am musing over our panel workshops. Probably the toughest workshop you will do with us but the sense of satisfaction is very high. They give you a chance to learn how to lead up a panel as you would see in windows and doors. The most important thing is the glass so we provide a wide spectrum of colours, textures and opacities. To achieve a panel we start with pre-workshop homework - you deciding what image you want to make and us helping you convert that into something that is realisable in a day. On the day you work through the processes until the WOW moment when you pick up your panel and it holds together. Almost everyone pauses and smiles here…….and so they should as this is no mean feat!!! A bit of cementing and finishing and you have your pride and joy to take home.

it is 7 to 8 hours of concentrated effort but our previous participants tell us it is all worthwhile and several have been back for a second go So it can’t all be that bad.


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